Goat Pages

by Debbie Dahl DairyDoll@Juno.com or DebDahl@aol.com

THE SECRET IS OUT! You have the opportunity to learn more about raising goats easier than ever before! This information will literally save you hundreds of dollars, at a small fraction of expense, by letting you learn from the experiences of others who have gone through the learning process themselves, and what they are still learning after several years. Sharing first-hand experiences lets others avoid making the same mistakes.

Your chances of being successful are somewhat slim if you don't know what to look for, and you need something to hold in your hands as a reference. Just looking at the list of subjects will "wet your appetite" and lead you to ask questions about possibilities you may not even know existed.

NEW INFO RESOURCES ABOUT RAISING GOATS: Designed to be a learning tool to anybody interested in raising goats, whether you have only a few, a large herd, or none at all and don't know how to get started, these one-page information sheets are written in plain, easy-to- understand language.

Artwork was originally drawn and included specifically for each chapter and includes a dancing Nubian, a handsome Boer buck, a goat jumping a fence, and several others.

The pages are filled with first-hand experiences, recommended raising practices, documented facts and figures, and helpful suggestions how to have improved milk production, more profits, a healthier herd, and finding markets for goat-related products.

For example: S-12 Additional Info Sources (Publications, Organizations,Suppliers)

This page by itself will connect you to a vast amount of information you may not find anywhere else! Breed organizations, goat-related newspapers, and supply companies are all on one page.

Order the complete set (about 70 pages) for $35 (postage/ship charges included)

Send a check or money order (No Cash, Please!) to the address at the end of the listing.

S-01	What Breed of Goat To Start With (pictures of many breeds)
S-02	How Much Land Do You Need To Raise Goats?
S-03	Using Goats To Clear Land (how many goats per acre, etc.)
S-04	What Kind of Land is Best For Raising Goats
S-05	Fencing Options & Considerations
S-06	Shelter Requirements
S-07	How Many Goats To Start With
S-08	Sale Barns (are they any good?)
S-09	How to Find A Good Milk Goat & What To Look For
S-10	All About Meat Goats
S-11	Training A Goat To Be Milked
S-12	Additional Info Sources (Suppliers, Publications,Organizations) 

B-01	Breeding Cycles (and seasonality in dairy breeds)
B-02	Heat Detection (with or without a buck)
B-03	Do You Need To Have A Buck??
B-04	Artificial Insemination Or Natural Breeding
B-05	Artificial Insemination  (Trying to Fool Mother Nature)
B-06	Possible Causes of Incomplete Gestation
B-07	Ultrasound & Pregnancy Detection
B-08	Using a Buck Rag, the "Buck Effect" and  Light Treatments

H-01	Vaccinations
H-02	Recommended Worming Practices (and withdrawal times)
H-03	Bedding Materials & Sanitation
H-04	Hoof Care (Trimming Hooves and Possible Foot Problems)
H-05	Mastitis (how to recognize it, what to do)
H-06	Fecal Tests (what they can tell you that you cannot see)
H-07	Lab Testing (diseases)
H-08	Dehorn Or Not To Dehorn (and what methods to use)
H-09	Castrating (what age, how to)
H-10	How To Tell The Age Of A Goat (teeth and horns)
H-11	Working With The Veterinarian
H-12	Coccidiosis 
H-13	Bloat (how to avoid the chances of having to deal with it)
H-14	Scours/Diarrhea (causes, treatments, how to tell apart)
H-15	How To Transport Goats Safely (with little stress as possible) 
H-16	Medical Kits (what medicines to have on-hand) 
H-17	Poison Considerations (including Plants to Avoid) 

O-01	Controlling Predators (guard dog or better fences?)
O-02	Kidding/Birthing Time
O-03	Butchering For Meat

M-01	Goat Milk
M-02	Pasteurizing (temps/times) & Handling Fresh Milk 
M-03	How Often To Milk
M-04	Sanitation Measures In The Milking Parlor
M-05	Ideas for Milking Stands/Stanchions
M-06	Having Fresh Milk Supply All Year (fresh six months apart)
M-07	Milk Sales From The Farm

F-01	Buying Hay (how much do you need?)
F-02	Mineral Supplements
F-03	Feeding For Milk Production (how much)
F-04	FEED RATIONS - Store Bought
F-05	FEED RATIONS - Mixing Your Own (at your own risk)
F-06	FEED RATIONS - Special Concerns
F-07	Raising Kids On The Bottle (milk replacer or goat milk)

R-01	Milk Production
R-02	Goat Milk - Facts & Figures
R-03	Forms of Identification (Ear Tags, Collars, Tattoo)
R-04	Breeding Dates & Due Dates
R-05	Evaluating Quality/Production
R-06	Herd Evaluation Services
R-07	Culling Considerations
R-08	Goat Meat - Facts & Figures
R-09	Marketing Goats For Meat (best time of year to sell)

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